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Consolidated Budgeting Application

A single application combines budgeting for your operating, personnel, capital projects, performance measures, reports and final budget documents. The application will consolidate all your financial data into a single database for easy analysis. Having a central database ensures all changes made will roll to the proper place, all changes made by one department will appear for all departments and all data can be easily backed up and audited for adjustments made by users

Financial Modeling

Create multiple budget versions to globally compare varying budget changes. This will allow you to easily adjust what-if scenarios to adjust percentage factors applied to thousands of records instantly. Also, each department can setup decision packages within their business unit for new expenditures and revenues which can be turned on/off to model spending initiatives

ERP Integration

The application integrates with any financial system including Mitchel Humphreys, Oracle, MUNIS, Lawson, Cayenta and others. A point and click import/export tool will allow you to integrate your unique accounting structure with the application in a matter of seconds

Reports / Final Budget Documents

A host of 75+ Crystal Reports are custom made for your unique data structure and can be exported to any electronic format. All final budget documents can be produced within the application and win the GFOA Award for Budget Presentation

Public Sector Oriented

Our team has over 50 years of combined public sector budgeting experience ranging across over 20 client installations. Our dedicated consulting team will arrive onsite to resolve your most complex budgeting situations

Operating Budget Functionality

Each department is given access to make changes and updates to a multi-year budget for continuous fiscal planning in real-time. Users can make changes within any level of data including adding text information and analyzing built-in charts. Our built-in security will ensure users can only make changes to those items they are allowed to edit

Position, Salary and Benefit Budgeting

You can automate all salary, raise and benefit creation within your operating budget for all positions across multiple years. You also have access to tools to split positions as often as needed, make changes in a single location to benefit calculations which can adjust thousands of records and create separate decision packages for positions you may or may not be funding in the current and future years

Capital Budget Functionality

Each department has access to track all capital projects within the operating budget or as a separate capital budget for over 10 years. Users can track all expenditures, revenue, impact and track performance measures associated with your projects. Users can also easily create what-if scenarios to model how specific capital changes will affect the budget as a whole


The software includes implementation, on-site training, training videos, training manuals, remote technical support, unlimited user licenses, budget process consulting and unlimited customer support

Performance Measure Tracking

Each department can update a performance matrix tied to their individual cost center's goals. Structured in many different ways this tool can allow decision factors to drive your budget expenditures, track text-based data associated with each business unit or create a balanced scorecard outlining your organization's initiatives. We can customize our performance measure matrix to your structure or allow you to choose from a variety of options

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